Rachel Zoe Takes Skyler To A Party

Rachel Zoe and Skyler got into the holiday spirit yesterday! Here they are going to an Easter party. Love the cute hats!

Skyler’s probably a little too young to really participate in an Easter egg hunt, but by next year, Rachel will probably be chasing him around looking for eggs :).

Photos by LRR/FameFlynet




  1. says

    Rachel and her husband are jewish…. their child will not be doing an easter egg hunt at any stage of his childhood. If he grows up and converts, well then maybe he will celebrate easter.

  2. Courtney says

    @Xiomara no Skyler is not to young to particiapte in an easter egg hunt if his parents were christian Nell Newman for example particiated in her first egg hunt at a year old April 17th 1960 granted her dad Paul was part Christian/Jewish and her mom Joanne Woodward is all christian so she and her younger sisters who weren’t born yet at the time aren’t by Hysidic law considered Jewish because it doesn’t come down through their mothers blood line. nor is Rachel famous she only dresses them for a living