Andrea Boccelli Sings To His Newborn Daughter

He might not be that interested in changing her diapers, but Italian singer Andrea Bocceli has no problem singing his newborn daughter to sleep every night.

The 53-year-old new father, who welcomed daughter Virginia to the world a few months ago along with his partner Veronica, reveals that when he held her for the first time after she was born he sang Ange Adorable from Romeo and Juilet.

The Italian singer also quips that while he feels very protective towards her Virginia he says, “Fortunately for her, I’ll be old by the time she’s 15.”

He adds: “So I tell my sons, ‘You’ll have the responsibility to do what I can’t do anymore.’”

Aw, how cute! Congrats again to Andrea and Veronica. There’s no doubt that they are fantastic parents.