Matt Rutler Loves Girlfriend Christina Aguilera’s Curves

Her body has been the subject of many discussions but according to boyfriend Matt Rutler, he loves his girlfriend Christina Aguilera‘s famous curves just the way they are. In fact, he loves them so much sources close to the couple say he’s never been “more in love” and “happier” with her.

A source close to Matt tells Us Weekly that while they didn’t think the couple would last, they’re surprised at how strong the two have become in their relationship, saying “it’s turned into something special.”

And about those curves of hers, the source adds: “Matt is happy with the way she looks, however it is. Even when she was looking heavier, he would always say, ‘She looks gorgeous to me.'”

What do you think? Are Matt and Christina going to be the next celebrity couple to get hitched?

Photos via FameFlynet




  1. Stupido says

    Ew! Fat flabby butt and bloated pasty white clown make up face. She is a nasty loser drunk with an unemployed boyfriend who makes fun of her behind her wide, wide, wide back.

  2. Kaylee says

    Not to be cynical but shes his meal ticket, he’d hardly going to say nah I wish she’d drop a few pounds.
    The extra weight isnt the problem, I hink she looks fine and if shes happy, then its nobodys business. THe problem is she doesnt know how to ‘dress’ at this heavier weight. Shes wearing the same things, apparently in the same sizes as when she was smaller and that doesnt work, makes her look bigger than shes is. She needs to either accept her different size and dress her body differently-like leggings thst arent too small and therefore seethrough- and she’ll look better, or if she wants to wear the smaller clothes, she’ll need to lose weight.

    TL:DR – the ‘problem’ isnt the weight, its that she doesnt know how to dress her different bodyshape.

  3. says

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