Amanda Seyfried Hangs Out With Her Four-Legged BFF

No Josh Hartnett in sight, but ‘Lovelace’ star Amanda Seyfried wasn’t lonely: she had her four-legged BFF, Finn, to keep her company :).

According to the photo agency, Amanda was heading to a doctor’s appointment with her dog. What doctor’s office allows dogs inside besides the vet? So I don’t know if they were really headed to the doctor, but they were hanging out together.

Photos by Miguel/FameFlynet




  1. Courtney says

    Doctor’s offices don’t allow dogs in unless it’s the vet or the dog is a trained service dog acompanying someone that is blind or has a seizure disorder

  2. Anonymous says

    How about WHO CARES where she was headed to or coming from??!! How about just say something like “Amanda seyfried takes her dog for a walk.” Good Lord.