Melissa Rycroft Admits To Battling With Post-Partum Depression

Just like many mothers out there, Melissa Rycroft says that she too battled with postpartum depression after her baby was born.

The former Bachelor star tells Us Weekly that she felt angry, resentful and alone after the birth of her baby when her husband, Tye Strickland had to work out-of-state most weeks while she was left alone at home. She tells the mag:

 “Almost immediately I didn’t feel right. I had just given birth to this perfect baby, but absolutely nothing made me happy anymore.  I couldn’t find the joy in what I was doing.  I resented that Tye’s life was not changing the way mine was.”

“Three months after I had Ava, I told Tye, ‘I don’t know how to make this better. I need help.’ So I saw a doctor.”  She goes on to say, “He wanted to put me on meds. I was still in denial a little bit, so I put off seeing a therapist for six months. Now Tye and I go once a week.”

Photos via FameFlynet