Rumor: Did Angelina Jolie Admit To Cheating On Brad Pitt?

According to Star Magazine, there might be some trouble in the Jolie-Pitt household as they report that Angelina Jolie allegedly confessed to her partner Brad Pitt that she cheated on him during the beginning of their relationship after a little “soul searching” she did. The magazine claims the couple had such a bad blow up last month that their relationship is now “on the rocks” with a furious Brad threatening to move out.

A source tells the mag:

“Angie admitted that in 2005, during the first year she and Brad were together after he left his wife, Jennifer Aniston, she was also having a relationship behind Brad’s back with one of her ex-lovers, and it may have gone farther than she intended at that time because they shared such a deep emotional connection.”

While couples fight all the time, I seriously doubt this here will break Angelina and Brad’s relationship. It just seems here like this certain “source” is just trying to stir up some trouble and Star is buying it.

Photos via FameFlynet