Chris Evans Is A Big Softie

Who knew? Chris Evans may be the heroic Captain America onscreen (he’s one of the superheros in ‘The Avengers’), but in real life, he’s a softie.

“I weep at everything. I emote. I love things so much—I just never want to dilute that.”

Awww… Chris also told Details magazine his first celebrity crush was Sandra Bullock, and his hidden talent is tap dancing. What does he like in a woman?

“I like wet hair and sweatpants. I like sneakers and ponytails. I like girls who aren’t so la-di-da. L.A. is so la-di-da. I like…Girls who give me a hard time, bust my chops a little.”

Chris also said his personality varies by the time of day.

“I think my daytime person is different than my nighttime person. With my high-school buddies, we drink beer and talk sports and it’s great. The kids in my Buddhism class in L.A., they’re wildly intelligent, and I love being around them, but they’re not talking about the Celtics. And that’s part of me. It’s a strange dichotomy. I don’t mind being a certain way with some people and having this other piece of me that’s just for me.”

I don’t think it’s a dichotomy. It’s just being a well-rounded person, Chris!

Photos by Juan Rico/BJJ/KM/FameFlynet