Dawson Leery Was Inspired By Brad Pitt!

Did you happen to catch James Van Der Beek’s new show ‘Don’t Trust the B– in Apt 23 last night? I missed it but I’m happy that James is back on my television! In the show James spoofs his infamous character of Dawson Leery.

The actor recently told The Daily Beast that his season 1 look was all thanks to Brad Pitt. He says that;

“I was rocking the pubescent Jesus look at the time. I even had hemp necklaces on—I was going through that period in my life.

So that night, we raced around town trying to get a haircut for me. We went in, the question being: “What kind of haircut do you want?” We started looking through Entertainment Weekly, which was on the counter. We found an ad for ‘The Devil’s Own’, the movie with Brad Pitt. They said, “What about Brad Pitt’s haircut?” That’s how I got my Season 1 haircut.”

Oh I totally remember Dawson’s Creek in season 1. I loved that show so much!

Photos by Juan Rico/FameFlynet Pictures