Scarlett Johansson Rocks The Red Carpet At ‘The Avengers’ Premiere

Scarlett Johansson is one lucky lady! The actress got to star with so many of Hollywood’s hottest men in her upcoming film The Avengers, any leading lady would jealous!

Last night at the movie’s premiere Scarlett definitely stood out on the red carpet too, looking gorgeous in her black Versace dress and beautiful up-do. I love her make up too – not too much but just enough.

I absolutely love this look on Scarlett and I’m happy to see that she’s gone back to her blonde hair. I know that the red hair was for the role and she was still gorgeous with it, but I think the blonde hair just works better on her.

Photos by KM/FameFlynet Pictures




  1. Kaylee says

    Believe me, SJ, I don’t pity you. I think youre a moron so pity is not so high on my list. Fine take the photos, send the to your husband(as she claims)but why keep them on your phone, even long long after the divorce??? Do you love how you look that much that you feel the need to stare at naked photos f yourself on your phone rather than say, i dont know, look down or in a mirror? Or maybe transfer the photos to a laptop but keeping them on the phone itself, utter MORON.
    yes the hacking is sick and its illgal and I get that, but all these ‘stars’ with nude photo hacks, just SCREAMS leaked for publicity rather than acutally hacked.

  2. Vanessa says

    She looks pretty again. For a while when she was dating Sean Penn she was looking really dumpy.