Scarlett Johansson Says Her Marriage To Ryan Reynolds Was “A Beautiful Thing”

Scarlett Johansson truly is back in stride: she has no ill will towards her ex-husband, Ryan Reynolds, and she appreciates their time together.

 “It was a beautiful thing. The falling in love and getting married and making that commitment … I think it’s nice to know that you’re capable of loving somebody in that way. I think it’s a rare opportunity.

“I don’t feel on the other side of it completely, but it gets better. It’s still there. More than anything, it’s just that not having your buddy around all the time is weird. There’s no rule book. I think it’s just time.”

Scarlett admitted she never thought she and Ryan would end up divorced.

“It was horrible. Of course it’s horrible. It was devastating. It really throws you. You think that your life is going to be one way, and then, for various reasons or whatever, it doesn’t work out.

“This was something I never thought I would be doing. And there’s no way to navigate it. Nobody can give you the right answer. It’s never anything you want to hear. It’s a very lonely thing. It’s like the loneliest thing you’ll ever do, in some way.”

I can imagine. Scarlett has moved on, though; she’s dating advertising creative director Nate Naylor.

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