How Many Times Did Joel Madden Ask Nicole Richie To Marry Him?!

For some couples, whether celebrities or not, it only takes one or maybe a few tries to get engaged. But when Joel Madden asked Nicole Richie to marry him, the Good Charlotte rocked admits that the first, second or third time wasn’t the charm. In fact, it was the tenth try that truly sealed the deal!

“My wife is pretty good at rejecting me. People don’t know this but I asked her to marry me ten times before she actually said yes,” said Joel on Australia’s Today FM radio show Fifi & Jules. “I was asking every other Tuesday.”

When asked what made the difference between the first and the tenth try, Joel explains his “strategy,” so-to-speak.

“I pulled out the kids! I said, ‘Do you really wanna do this to these kids?’ I’m just kidding. I’m passive aggressive.”

Joel and Nicole are one of my favorite Hollywood pairs, and though it took them a bit of time to tie the knot, I’m so glad that they finally did!

Photos by LRR/FameFlynet