Angelina Jolie Shows Off Her Engagement Ring

Angelina Jolie might be one of the most famous women in the world but that doesn’t mean she’s not excited to be a new bride to-be!

The actress was spotted out leaving the Roosevelt Hotel in LA and was seen waving her left hand a lot, giving us all a nice glimpse at her new engagement ring!

That is definitely quite the rock she has isn’t it?! I’d say Brad did a good job helping to design that one.  Do you think they’ll have a big Hollywood style wedding, or will they go away and have just a family wedding?

Photos by FameFlynet




  1. ricky says

    Here she is. She looks happy awwww
    Both type is fine as long as they it is not over done.

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  4. Kaylee says

    She is so gorgeous, the dress is amazing, I love the bag, shoes are a bit not my thing but that ring is vile. She has such a classic, clean style and that ring is so OTT that its just bleh.
    I know they have a lot of money, I know she gives a third of her earnings to her various charity efforts and thats beyond incredible but how much did this this cost and how many lives could heve benefited from it? I know taste is very personal and obv Brad knows her far far more than any of us plebs, but seeing how she dresses, seeing her style day in, day out, that ring just doesnt scream ‘Angelina Joile’ to me.

  5. Genevieve says

    HA HA she’s so ridiculous. Always pretended like she didn’t care to be married and the moment he put a ring on it she runs and can’t get enough pictures taken of it like some sorority girl on FB showing all her friends, I thought this stuff wasn’t important to her and she didn’t care. She’s such a poser, just like she gave herself away with THE LEG at the Oscars, always pretending she doesn’t want attention while sneakily doing things to attract it. I’d have much more respect for “Jolie” if she was a more genuine and sincere person and not such a posed, contrived, manipulating hypocrite.

    • Michelle says

      Because YOU, of course, know her, right? She’s marrying the man she loves and has children with. Why SHOULDN’T she be happy? Brad would have married her long ago if she’d wanted to do it. She, however, has stated repeatedly that their commitment runs far deeper than wedding bands and a piece of paper. They’ve BOTH stated, repeatedly I might add, that their children want their parents to be married. So quit being a miserable hater and try embracing happiness for them. Congratulations to the Jolie-Pitts.

  6. lurkeyloo says

    “New bride to be”? Um, this will be her third marriage and his second…she is also akin to octomom and a known junkie. They are both a complete joke.

    Not something to be proud of, really.

  7. rahama malami says

    Am happy for her bcos that wart she want, am really happy her to march with brad pitt, love you angelina.