Jennifer Hudson Films A Weight Watchers Commercial

Janet Jackson is starting her stint as a NutriSystem spokeswoman, Mariah Carey is going strong with Jenny Craig, and we still have to wait and see if it’s true that Jessica Simpson is going to lose her baby weight with Weight Watchers, but Jennifer Hudson will not be outdone! Here she is shooting a commercial for Weight Watchers.

I still can’t get over how amazing she looks. Jennifer’s done a great job both with losing the weight and maintaining her weight loss (which is often the trickiest part). Good for her!

Photos by LG/FameFlynet




  1. Sandy says

    I’m happy for Jennifer, and Weight Watchers is great as a support group, but the food products are more hype than anything else. Most of the WW meals are full of sodium and preservatives. Not healthy! I’ve actually had much more success with a diet meal delivery (The meals I get are prepared fresh and then frozen. No preservatives!).
    Over the past year I’ve lost over 70lbs by eating healthier and increasing my activity.

    I was so proud of myself I even made a website to share what worked for me (Ok and maybe to brag a little bit and show off the new me :-))

    Check out what I did @

    • Valerie says

      WW does not require pre-packaged foods. You must have it confused with some other program. WW offers convenience items (desserts, snacks, frozen meals, etc), but again, DOES NOT REQUIRE as part of their program.