Jennifer Lopez & Max Make A Quick Stop At The Gas Station

‘Dance Again’ singer Jennifer Lopez and one of her twins, son Max, were spotted making a quick stop at a Sherman Oaks gas station. I don’t know if Max was just playing around or didn’t want to leave the gas station itself: Jennifer looks like she had her hands full here!

Isn’t it fun when kids decide all the things in places like the gas station are more interesting to look at than getting back into the car? LOL

Photos by DMac/Goodwin/FameFlynet




  1. Kitt says

    She looks soooo irritated. She always struck me as the mommy-dearest type (using the kids for photo-ops) & incapable of loving anyone outside of herself. I wish those kids a lot of luck. They’re going to need it.

  2. Kat says

    so, maybe she is irritated, that doesnt make you mommy dearest! I get irritated with my daughter all the time, its normal.

  3. YAYI says

    She sure does not look that bother when she is with her boyfriend. She’s ALWAYS smiling, holding hands and totally pleased with his company. She looks miserable and bothered in these shots.

  4. Rocket says

    Kids tend to act out when their parents are divorcing, ESPECIALLY when one of them moves on so quickly and forces the new person into their kids’ lives. It is very confusing for them and hurtful. Kids are not angels even when their parents’ marriages are rock solid, but I have a feeling that if her kids are giving her a hard time it is largely because she turned their whole world upside down in the way she left their dad. She also should not have brought Casper around them so soon :/ Not saying she should have stayed with Marc if he cheated first (not sure if that is true or not), but she could have done all of this a lot more gradually to make it easier on her twins.