LeAnn Rimes Helps Stepson Jake Celebrate His Birthday

LeAnn Rimes was spotted outside of a Chuck E Cheese with a balloon and presents. Why? Because it was Jake Cibrian’s birthday! Jake looks like a pretty happy birthday boy. I remember birthdays at Chuck E Cheese, so I can see why :).

Brandi Glanville was also spotted going into the Chuck E Cheese, and I’m sure Eddie Cibrian was in attendance. It really is good to see that the three adults have worked things out enough so they can come together for the kids’ events.

Photos by DMac/Goodwin/FameFlynet




  1. sam says

    Is that the same Leann Rimes who had a druken orgy with her BFF Lizzy while Eddie watched and took photos of it while that same stepson was just a few feet from her? Funny, Leann cares enough about her stepson to “help” (ie-exploit him on his birthday) him outside of CEC, yet she didn’t care enough about him to not make out with her hubby’s mistress in his presence? So once again the media opts to perpetuate the fraud that is Leann Rimes and Eddie instead of calling them out for their bad behavior? This is one of the major issues that the public has with Eddie and Leann, that the media continues to tell us that these two are a “happy family” unit when it’s obvious they are not.

    What’s wrong with Leann’s latest staged “happy family” photo-op?

    1) First off all, his name isn’t JACK. Considering that this site posted the photos of him at his soccer game and of his birthday party from last year, they should already be very familiar with his name. Doesn’t the media find it odd that this is the second time in a row that Leann has exploited the little boy on his birthday? Leann doesn’t create a major media circus for the older boy’s birthday, so why does she do it with the younger boy? Because this wasn’t about the boys birthday, it’s more than likely that this was about Leann’s anniversary with Eddie. Leann is using his birthday party to kick off her media blitz for her two week anniversary celebration, which she set up so that Brandi would never ever forget when she became Eddie’s second wife. All that child will remember is that Leann exploits him each and every year to hype of her anniversary with Eddie.

    2) Who wears a see through dress without a bra to a 5 yo birthday party? The dress is so see through that you can see every detail of her female anatomy. A famewhore who was expecting the paps to show up. Why would Leann expect the paps to show up? Because she called them. So Leann wasn’t spotted outside of Chuck E Cheeses, it’s more like she arranged for The Dailymail to take these photos of her and the boy outside of Chuck E Cheese. Eddie was there, The Dailymail has a bunch of photos of him outside of CEC famewhoring with Leann. Since Leann was going with the “Leann is playing nice with Brandi” theme, she paid the majority of her mouthpieces to leave out the photos of Eddie. Give it a day, I’m sure that Leann will have The Dailymail write a nice fluffpiece about how she and Eddie couldn’t keep their hands off of one another at the child’s birthday party.

    3) The media really believes that things are good between Leann and Brandi and Eddie? Why? Because Leann invited Brandi to her own son’s birthday party and then gave an exclusive interview telling a media outlet that she and Brandi got along? Why is it so important for Leann to have everyone to believe that she is getting along with Brandi? Is this for XFactor? Her new album? Or is this because Brandi is promoting her book this week?

    4) Leann gave an exclusive interview to a media outlet about how she planned the party. Eddie is his father, shouldn’t Eddie be planning the party? Or better yet if Eddie and Leann were as united as they claim, how come Eddie didn’t help Leann plan his son’s party. Shouldn’t Eddie be loading the car with presents and helping his son? Don’t you think it’s odd how Leann does all the work and well, Eddie does what? Sleep with his mistress?

    5) If Leann wanted peace, why then did she pick a lego theme party? It has something to do with what Brandi tweeted to her friend one day about buying her son legos. So why continue to tell us that things are working out when you have an example of Leann specifically taunting Brandi using her very own son?

    6) The man that is standing next to Leann is an avid Brandi basher on twitter, he even patted one of Leann’s fans on the back for stalking and harassing Brandi with a fake twitter account mocking her. So why does Leann continue to associate with or have those people who openly harassed Brandi on twitter around Brandi and Eddies kids?

  2. Alice says

    Yes,Eddie was there.There’s a couple of pics of him with his arm around LeAnn at DailyMail.However most gossip sites never care about him when Brandi and LeAnn ‘get together’,hence why there’s only pictures of them on pretty much every website who’s reporting on this.

  3. sam says

    Wow, Leann is still exploiting Jake and his birthday for her own personal gain. This is what happens when the media glorifies her bad behavior instead of calling her out. Why is it that Leann can’t do one thing with those boys without making it so public? Now she is tweeting about how she took cupcakes to the boy’s school, likes his teacher, and got her white shorts dirty. Considering that she wore a see through dress to a 5 year old’s birthday party, you know that her white shorts were very short and she wore a shirt that was either see through or open to her naval. But don’t worry, I’m sure that Leann called up x17 or The Dailymail to get photos of her and Eddie’s son’s school being the “great” bonus mom she seems to want everyone to believe she is.

    Why is Leann at the boys school, shouldn’t that be Eddie’s job? Leann is beyond creepy and if the media had slammed Leann for exploiting that child on his birthday instead of writing “Brandi and Leann are playing nice” stories, Leann wouldn’t be exploiting that child and his classmates for another day. So will this site reward Leann by posting her staged photo-op at the boy’s school or will they call her out for being overbearing and crossing lines?