Sinead O’Connor Performs In Paris

It looks like it’s back to work for Sinead O’Connor. The former chart topper, who has had a string of scandals in the past few months, including an attempted suicide and a quickie marriage and divorce, performed for a sold-out crowd in Paris, France over the weekend.

It’s a good thing that Sinead is back on stage and singing. At least this will keep her mind off of the crazy things that have been going on in her life. Maybe if she concentrates on her music a bit more, she’ll be able to produce some hit songs again like she did a good twenty years ago. She’s got the talent, after all.

Photos via WENN




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  3. Bruno Autin says

    As Sinead said, MY pictures would deserve a better text. Always these stupid things about the past or private life. Look at the intensity in her eyes and her voice. The performance has delighted the audience this evening in Paris. Look at the kindness with her fans, she gave them few precious minutes by signing , kidding and hugging them.