Angelina Jolie Receives Promotion From The UN

Things are going well for Angelina Jolie these days! She’s engaged to long-time partner Brad Pitt, and now the United Nations had decided to reward one of their most dedicated goodwill ambassadors by appointing her a special envoy.

As a special envoy, Angelina will represent the UN at the diplomatic level to governments and diplomats. It’s a role normally reserved for career diplomats or retired politicians. The UN spokeswoman said:

“I don’t think you need a rocket scientist to see the benefits that she is bringing in terms of the attention that she is getting for the plight of the world’s displaced.”

Angelina has been acting as a goodwill ambassador for 10 years and has also donated a lot of money to the UN (which relies entirely on donations), but the spokeswoman made it clear that Angelina’s donations had nothing to do with her appointment. Congratulations, Angelina!

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  1. lurkeyloo says

    “Donated a lot of money to the UN” = Promotion

    This lousy ho is a walking PR stunt and all of this is deflection from the lawsuit she is in for her bomb of a movie, leg gate and everyone realizing these two are a complete load of cr*p. Neither of them can pull off a decent movie.

    Also, if it were Joo Shmo and his Ho getting engaged after 7 years and 6 kids (not to mention the relationship beginning with adultery) I am 100% positive NO ONE would be celebrating the engagement…just get married already…oh, wait, they have to milk it for all it is worth because it is the last card they have to play.
    (Engagement = YET another PR stunt)

    • Helena says

      Newsflash you moron, it was proven long ago there was no adultery. So the rest of your bilious diarrhoea is irrelevant.