Britney Spears Close To $15 Million ‘X Factor’ Deal

Britney Spears reportedly is close to becoming one of the new judges for the next season of ‘X Factor’ for $15 million! TMZ reports that Britney’s team and the show’s producers are negotiating the “finer points” of the contract. Then, as long as Britney’s father and lawyer sign off on it, then it’s a done deal! Simon Cowell said:

“I would love to have her on the show … I think she would be a fascinating person to sit next to.”

I know Britney is one of the biggest pop stars in the world, so on one hand this makes sense. Yet on the other: what kind of mentor would Britney really be? She doesn’t strike me as the type of singer who’s very involved in the decision-making: she strikes me as the type of artist who does as she’s told, and that is why she’s a success.

Well, I bet Britney will keep the show interesting!

Photos by KM/FameFlynet