Did Christina Aguilera Snub Justin Bieber On ‘The Voice’? (Video)

Radar Online claims that ‘The Voice’ coach Christina Aguilera was less than friendly with the show’s guest, Justin Bieber, last night. He appeared on the show to debut a clip of his new video, ‘Boyfriend,’ and then greeted each of the coaches.

You can see their “interaction” at about the 3:20 mark (watch the whole thing if you want to see the clip of Justin’s new video ;)). Do you think Christina shot him a dirty look? I admit, I’m having a hard time seeing it.




  1. Steve O. says

    People are taking this out of context. Everyone is forgetting to point out that Christina and Blake had just been surprised with the fact that they had to eliminate a team member that night. It was obvious that she was distracted and upset during the entire episode. Bieber’s appearance had nothing to do with Christina’s mood.