How New Couple Alert: Keanu Reeves And Charlize Theron

It looks like Baby Jackson might be getting himself one heck of a stepdad! Rumor has it that leggy actress Charlize Theron and actor Keanu Reeves are Hollywood’s newest “it” couple.

According to In Touch magazine, the former “Sweet November” co-stars who were once just friends with benefits, have taken their relationship to the next level. A source reveals:

“They were friends with benefits in the past but now it’s something more He babysits and brings toys when he visits Charlize and Jackson. He even built the crib and changes diapers!”

I could totally see Charlize and Keanu making a great couple. Not only would they look good together, they both also have an obvious and mutual dislike for the paparazzi everywhere they go!

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  1. Victoria says

    Back in May 2010 it was Charlize Theron and Reeves supposidly going public with their “romance”. Then the attention turned to Reeves and Sandra Bullock as the new “it couple”. Theron was on Piers Morgan saying she and Reeves are friends. He lives 10 minutes from where she lives. (check out the interview for yourselves The blonde also set the record straight regarding her friendship with Keanu Reeves, 47.

    She told Piers: ‘This is a problem when you’re single and your friends come out to help you and take you out for a meal. I consider him one of my best friends. We’ve known each other for 15 years.’)

    If he wants to bring toys, change diapers, build baby cribs, etc, he’s doing it because he wants to. Does that mean there is something to it??? Why Theron said herself she was not interested in marriage and would stay single. I think Reeves is just her friend and possibly wants to help out new mom Charlize and that is all there is to it.