Kelly Preston Not Ready To Stop Breastfeeding Ben

Yeah, Kelly Preston decided to go there: into the breastfeeding debate. Her son, Ben, is now 16 months old, but Kelly said she isn’t ready to stop breastfeeding yet.

“When I stop, it’s going to be really hard on me. I love nursing so much. I love the closeness and knowing that I’m giving him the best as far as nutrients and antibodies. And he really loves it, too.”

Kelly said Ben isn’t on a schedule yet, so he sleeps with herself and husband John Travolta and she nurses him a couple of times in the evening and four or five times during the day.

“He’ll come up and point and go, ‘Mama, more.’ It’s so cute!”

Kelly also said Ben will eat “pretty much everything,” including filet mignon, scallops, salmon and organic veggies. I understand the bonding Kelly gets from nursing Ben, but still sharing a bed with him? Nursing so often? To me it’s mind-boggling, yet babies are raised like this in other cultures. I’ve gotta ask:

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  1. Courtney says

    long term breastfeeding is benneficial to both mother and child stop critizing Kelly for doing something that is natural

  2. Anonymous says

    16 months isn’t beyond the normal age for continuing breast feeding. Also, there is nothing wrong with letting the child sleep with his parents. I’m sure he will turn out just fine. Yeah, just post the story and leave your opinions to yourself!

  3. Mimi says

    I have no problem giving breast milk as long as possible. I gave my daughter breast milk until she was way over 2 but I pumped. Whenever your child is able to ask for your breast milk it starts to get a little uncomfortable.

  4. Lily says

    I don’t think the tone is judgmental and most of the people responding don’t think so either. Just because you disagree doesn’t make other opinions bad. Get over yourself.

  5. says

    Good article from “I’m not obsessed” as I feel Kelly should find a new hobby instead of her boy latching on throughout the day.

  6. Bee says

    Good lord. This is normal people! That BABY is not even two, yes this is still a BABY we are talking about. 36% say wean that baby and put in own bed STAT? Why do you care? So you wouldn’t do it yourselves, great- she likes it. Good on her for giving up her life for her child for what is in the grand scheme of things, a small period of time.

    Also, as someone who has a lost a child, she should be able to enjoy this baby being a baby for as long as she likes. Everyone should support that at the very least. Sheesh.

  7. Anonymous says

    Umm, actually Lily, most of the people commenting do NOT agree with the opinion of the blogger. Get over YOURself!

    • Lily says

      I was talking about the poll. Of course, I shouldn’t expect any more intelligence than bravery out of some anonymous coward.

  8. Andrea says

    The WHO organization recommends breastfeeding far past this age. It is good for baby and mama. Seems like a win for everyone. Breastfeeding is a miracle of nature and I wish more women stood up for other women making informed decisions about child rearing. Cosleeping and bedsharing is an accepted practice and is in my opinion a beautiful part of parenthood. My son sleeps in his own bed, but I love early morning snuggles with that sweet child. I wish more commentary lifted women up instead of worked to cut moms down.

  9. Ila says

    Thats absolutely normal and natural thing! And i WOULD do it myself!!! There is nothing wrong with long brest feeding and especially nothing wrong that little one shares the bed with his parents!:)

  10. XYZ says

    Maybe the surrogate is still breastfeeding him, who is she trying to fool? Ugly child btw…

  11. Discordia says

    Breast milk does not supply Ben with enough Vitamin D that his growing bones need. I hope that she is giving him Vitamin D supplements.

    • ED says

      Breastmilk is a complete food which meets all of baby’s needs until 6 months when solid food is introduced. The article says he eats well. If he is also getting some sunlight, there should be no need for suppliments.

  12. Guynet123 says

    Breastfeeding isn’t my thing (formula rocks IMO) but seriously, we all raise our children how we see fit. I’m over all the judging crap…. Your children, your choices…. You’re the mummy!!!!good on her for doing what she feels is right for her. Everyones different xx

  13. Michelle says

    Please remember that they had a child with autism. So supporting the baby’s immune system is vital. It is known that children with autism have immune systems that do not regulate corrently. Any additional protection to the enviroment would help in likeliness that this would not later be diagnosed with autism. Interestingly, my toddler has signs of regression around the same time that I weaned him (15mos.)…yes, my son has autism too. If I was her I would do the same thing. Nurse as long as I could, feed only organic and avoid vaccines. She knows what she’s doing. As far as sleeping. Her son that died had seizures as well, and tragically died from one. My son had some seizures while he slept. If a child has seizure during the night they could choke on vomit. If a parent is sleeping right there, they could feel or hear the child having a seizure.