Katherine Heigl Heads Out For The Day

Katherine Heigl looks like she had some serious business to attend to! She was spotted leaving her house. I’m loving that blouse and skirt: she’s certainly dressed for success.

According to IMDb, Katherine has one movie in post-production (‘The Wedding’) and one in pre-production (‘Face Blind’). I wonder if she plans on making more of the Stephanie Plum movies? ‘One For The Money’ wasn’t a blockbuster hit (it actually exceeded expectations), but I don’t know if it performed so poorly that it’s not worthwhile to make another one. If you saw ‘One For The Money,’ would you recommend it?

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  1. Steven says

    One For The Money was fun. Harshly treated by the critics it was no masterpiece but it was enjoyable.

  2. EricsGirl says

    I like her acting, but her style is so hiddeous to me. Ugh. It’s ages her so much. It’s like, what I expect a real estate agent to wear as she steps out of her leased Lexus. Or something….

    • Dani says

      @EricsGirl: Good One.

      Although I think KH is beautiful, when she steps out in an outfit like this, I could swear she is the wife of an old Texan oil tycoon.

  3. YAYI says

    Her personal style is horrid. Every time I see pictures of her she looks like a gradma. She has to hired a professional.