Sandra Bullock Takes Louis & A Friend To Fillmore Central Park

Someone is a Thomas The Tank Engine fan! Sandra Bullock treated Louis and a friend to a day of fun at Fillmore Central Park yesterday. Check out the lifesize replica of Thomas the Tank Engine in the thumbnails. I bet Louis looooooved that :).

Sandra even bought Louis a toy Thomas the Tank Engine before they left later in the afternoon. She earned some serious brownie points with her son yesterday, I’m sure- LOL.

Photos by FameFlynet




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  3. lola says

    Love her! Sandra is a classy lady. Unlike pity party Aniston, Sandra was actually really cheated on. Sandra didn’t do talk shows, cry on cue to Vanity Fair, speak ill of the mother of JJ’s children or attack his family the way Aniston did. Sandra has maintained a dignified silence. She has far too much self-respect to lower herself to pimping out her private life for attention, sympathy and a career, unlike Aniston. Sandra is the example of a CLASSY lady taking the HIGH ROAD.