Update: Jennifer Aniston Is Not Getting Married In Greece This Summer

For those of you hoping that Jennifer Aniston would recreate some scenes from “My Big Fat Greek Wedding” or beat Angelina Jolie to the altar in a tabloid editor’s dream race, we’ve got some news for you: it’s not happening.

There were earlier reports that Jennifer and her beau Justin Theroux were spotted on the island of Crete checking out possible wedding venues, but according to the couple’s rep the entire story has been fabricated by the National Enquirer, so I guess we can all take back those gifts we bought at the Pottery Barn and Crate and Barrel for the Friends alumni.

Is it just me, or doesn’t it seem like every few months there’s always heavy speculation about Jennifer’s private life, whether it’s her being pregnant, engaged, or getting hitched? And it always seems like none of that ever happens, right?

I guess she does seem pretty happy with Justin and that’s all that should matter. The rest can wait.

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  1. watch says

    You blogs don’t get it huvane set all of it up. She must be associated or make VS with JP. it surprise me the same blogs say there is always heavey speculation about her life blah blabh… it is becasue she set things to be speculated just in time for something for her or just in time with JP something. What do you think that let victimhood run for 7 years?her moving on?,r her not talking through friends or hernot giving out tabloid stoires so people can speculate? Why you people can’t see her predictable moves.

    • lola says

      Totally agree, and I’m glad to see that someone isn’t fooled and brainwashed by Aniston and her pr manipulations. She broke up her own marriage, cons people into thinking shes a victim and feeling sorry for her, while all the while she is going around stealing other women’s men herself. There are so many people who are so gullible and so brainwashed by this master manipulator its sad. At least some can see through this slutbag and her conniving, scheming and manipulations.

  2. Anonymous says

    watch, you definitely invest way too many brain cells speculating about what celebrities say or do. who really cares, even if she did do something for publicity…that’s what celebrities are all about, staying in the public eye. you need help.

  3. remywill says

    I think she’s just very happy and living her life, I doubt she’d have a mega wedding if she ever did get married again.

    • lola says

      Her stolen man is a cheater, how happy do you honestly think Aniston is? She knows all too well what Justin is, and trust that she is unhappy because she knows she’ll lose him how she got him. Trust.

  4. lola says

    Way over-rated. And why would her bought and stolen man marry her, when he lived with Heidi for 14 years without marrying her? Men don’t marry their mistresses, which is why he won’t marry Aniston.