Vanessa Lachey Talks Pregnancy In New Issue Of Parade Magazine

There is no doubt that not only is Vanessa Lachey really loving her pregnancy… but she also loves talking about it as well. The former television host opens up to Parade magazine about her and hubby Nick Lachey nesting for their baby, how Nick sings to her pregnant tummy and of course how the couple try to keep the romance alive during her pregnancy.

Here are some highlights:

On nesting…
“I have [been nesting] in my mind but I’ve been a little consumed with work. But the interesting thing I’ve noticed is my husband is nesting. I always thought it was the woman but he’s doing his little nesting part too. He saw this old table we have and he sanded it, then he stained it, put glass on it. He made us a desk! It was pretty incredible. Now I feel guilty so I think because of that I tried to put the stroller together the other day. But we have a good amount of time to prepare.”

On Nick’s baby crooning…
“Some of the books are inconsistent on when the baby can hear me and outside voices. I told him the other day that the baby could hear him now and he corrected me! He was like, ‘no, actually according to my book…” When that time does come, I know he’s going to sing to the baby every single day. It’s sweet to see that smile on his face.”

On keeping the romance alive…
“This whole process is going on in our first year of marriage, which everyone says is the hardest. But for us, we dated each other for five years before we got married so we were comfortable with all of the little things that would normally get into people’s way. I think the important thing is patience, communication, understanding, and knowing when you are wrong. We all react and say things but it’s all about coming back and saying you’re sorry. It’s about knowing this is the person you will be married to for the rest of your life. There is nothing unforgivable, he is my partner, you know?”

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  1. James says

    Vanessa is nothing but a Filipino bargirl slut who stole another woman’s husband. I can’t wait until Nick gets bored and cheats on this flat faced GOOK!

  2. Courtney says

    Hopeso you are an idiot most first time pregnant woman gain between 45-55lbs and Jessica has had complications so she was gonna gain more weight duh. Vanessa isn’t famous other than for who she’s married to and besides Jess’s baby is due like this week as her due date was pushed forward due to those complications which thankfully Nessa hasn’t had and besides that Jessica’s daughter was predicted to weigh 10lbs at birth and will probably be a long baby as well considering her fiance is 6ft 4in and 240lbs the birth weight isn’t surprising and it’s gonna look giant on her because she’s 5ft 3 1/2in so her torso is short so the baby has onwhere to go but up and out