Selena Gomez Spotted Getting McDonalds At A Drive-Thru In Los Angeles

It looks like even Hollywood stars can’t help but give in to their cravings with a quick fix at McDonalds once in awhile. Actress Selena Gomez was spotted picking up some burgers and fries at a McDonalds drive-thru location in Los Angeles, Calif.

I have to say, the girl is pretty fearless. With bikini season right around the corner, it looks like Selena doesn’t mind a few fries here and there. I wonder if there was anything she got for her boyfriend Justin Bieber, too?

Photos via FameFlynet




  1. Andrea says

    Honestly. This is kind of offensive. Would you post the same thing about a man? That he is “fearless” for eating fast food so close to bikini season? Is that what women are? Only bodies that wear small clothing and all decisions about life are really only meaningful if they have some bearing on their pants size. We are worth more than this.

  2. Anna says

    Totally agree with Andrea!!! Geez the writer of this blog is so backwards at times. A fearless female is one who eats a burger before bikini season? What a strong female role model teehee!

  3. Christelle says

    Seriously!!!!!!! Can a healthy young girl have some fries bikini season or not????? WOW! I can’t believe it was even mentioned.

  4. Linds says

    OMG, as if she’s gonna gain some weight by eating a burger… a girl who is skinny to begin with! Jeez..

  5. Melissa says

    Again with these comments… Unbelievable! Is it so odd that a teenager is eating a burger and fries. Speechless!