Sorry For The Issues Yesterday…We’re Back!

Sure, we’re not the entire Internet, but…

Anyway, we are trying to make INO and it’s sister sites better for you. We had some painful and frustrating hiccups yesterday, but we hope to have the new INO up soon, along with some other goodies.  Please stick with us!

Thanks very much,

Vera and Bill Sweeney




  1. It's Okay!!! says

    Things happen. It is okay. We (all my friends, family and I) are still with you!!! You have a very nice, clean and informative website that we love perusing! Hope you don’t have too much work on your hands after the gliche. Anyway, please know your loyal followers are here through thick and thin!!!

  2. Mohammed Salman says

    It’s ok . we still love your site,I just wanted to say I really love your site It’s very nice and have all the things I need to know about celebrities with very nice HD pictures and nice comments and writings.