What Jennifer Aniston Thinks About Brad Pitt & Angelina Jolie’s Engagement

The thing that impresses me the most about the latest story on the Jennifer AnistonBrad PittAngelina Jolie “triangle” saga is that it’s probably… wait for it… true. A friend told Us Weekly Jennifer’s thoughts on Brad and Angelina’s engagement:

“She hates it being brought up because she doesn’t really care. She feels Angelina can have him. She just wants to move on.

“Jen’s totally happy with Justin. That’s all in the past.”

I have to say, this is what I suspected. As Jennifer said when she appeared on ‘The Oprah Winfrey Show’ the fall after her split from Brad: “Turn a page, people.” What do you think? I’m hoping this will be the LAST story we see about Jennifer’s thoughts on their engagement ;).

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  1. lali says

    I believe her when you date the next one after a short while you forget about the one you used to be with and you don’t want him back and you don’t care what that person does, it just the media doesn’t want to let it go and they make up stories to keep people amused well people are sick of it ,the same for mark anotony one day they say he’s going to jlo’s past history and the next day they say that story wasn’t true.

    • says

      Aniston is an overrated actress.Jolie is a better person than her.I don’t need to mention all the things she’s doing not just for her family but to other people.

    • Helena says

      Hate Aniston. She is a piece of trash and slutty garbage. Angelina is all the woman and person Aniston will NEVER be.

  2. forest4trees says

    Everyone would have moved on in the fall of 2005 if Jen hadn’t decided to use the whole situation for P.R., sympathy and attention.

  3. Abbie says

    This story is probably true. Only Jennifer would say something stupid as Angelina can have him. Brad divorced her, maybe had an affair with Angelina, has 6 kids, and is engaged yet acts like Brad would drop everything if she asked. Jennifer really needs to wakeup and get over herself.

  4. Beth says

    A woman who is pining away for her ex usually sits on a couch eating ice cream, getting fat and bawling to what friends she may have left about her ex loser. I just don’t see this where Jennifer Aniston is concerned. It is as if she said to herself, skip that garbage! I’m going on to become an international super star, rich beyond my wildest dreams. The joke is on us it seems.