Hugh Grant’s Parenting Strategy: No “Mollycoddling”

Hugh Grant became a dad seven months ago when his daughter was born. He shared his planned parenting strategy (and I say “planned” because I doubt/sincerely hope he doesn’t follow through on all of it ;)).

“Friends of mine — I see their kids being driven to school in London in great big SUVs. What are you doing? Make them walk or take the bus. I don’t see why it’s any less safe now than it was in 1966 when I was doing it. I hate the mollycoddling.”

Well, if they are within walking distance, then I guess Hugh has a point. But it’s this next part that has me worried. He says he’s not going to his daughter’s activities, like sporting events.

“You see, the way I was brought up, parents didn’t go to sports. I played quite high quality rugby. My whole school career, my parents never came and I never minded. It never crossed my mind.”

Now that’s just SAD! I’m holding out hope that Hugh is joking, though, because of this last remark:

“I intend to be a complete hypocrite. I’ll probably be horribly pushy and competitive.”

Some parents’ competitiveness definitely gets out of hand, but I hope Hugh does plan to be involved in his daughter’s life!

Photos by GG/Diane Cohen/FameFlynet