Jennifer Garner Takes Her Girls To Karate Class

Jennifer Garner is back on mom duty, taking Violet and Seraphina to karate class (maybe Seraphina was just along to watch- I’m not sure). We haven’t gotten a peek at baby Samuel yet, but as busy as Jennifer stays, it’s only a matter of time!

I wonder if Violet and Seraphina are in the same karate class as Heidi Klum’s kids? Ballet, karate- Jennifer and Heidi probably run into each other a lot.

Photos by FameFlynet




  1. Brandee says

    “Back on mom duty”?? She never left. Just because she was home with Samuel and Ben was taking Violet and Sera places doesn’t mean she was “off mom duty”. And Celebrity Baby Scoop had pics of her out with her daughters weeks ago….

  2. Terry says

    More like back in to daily take my pics duty . But I got to give her she looks ok for the first time. Some one must dressed her.

    • Captain Video says

      You Sir or Madam are sadly devoid of independent thinking. Your theory has already been debunked a million times over. Go back to the drawing board and this time, try to come up with something more *original*. Good luck.

      For the record, she looks as gorgeous as she always has. Get your eyes checked also, it might same you from making a total @$$ of yourself while attempting to bash your superiors online.