Afternoon Links With Carly Rae Jepsen

Heidi Klum is launching a new line with Babies R Us. (People)

Khloe Kardashian bonds with her stepdaughter in New York City. (Babyrazzi)

LeAnn Rimes wants you to know that she and Eddie Cibrian are really, really, really in love. (Celebitchy)

Mena Suvari’s beauty secret? Eating fresh food. (Fit Celeb)

Did Whitney Houston have a secret affair with Michael Jackson? (She Knows)

The Kardashian sisters really love to raid each other’s closets. (Celebuzz)

Cyndi Lauper is back on “Bones.” (Caught on Set)

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  1. sam says

    It should be: Leann Rimes wants people to THINK that she and Eddie Cibrian are really, really, really in love.

    As usual Eddie has a drink in his hand. So are you telling us that a man who has to be drunk just to touch his wife is love? And who sits on twitter and tweets like that? Someone who is very insecure and who needs to get validation from outside of her marriage because she most certaintly isn’t getting support from Eddie. As evidenced by the fact that she posting photos and tweeting instead of spending that time with her husband. This is precisely why people won’t watch anything Eddie is on, I hope Rizzoli and Isles rethinks having him on their show. This round of famewhoring from Eddie and Leann is only making people dislike them.