Nick And Vanessa Lachey Enjoy The Afternoon

Nick Lachey and his pregnant wife Vanessa were spotted out hand in hand in Beverly Hills after leaving a lunch date this afternoon.  Nice to see the couple enjoying some quiet time together because in just a few short months they won’t have much of that!

And while Nick’s very pregnant ex-wife Jessica Simpson has had to retire her high heels it looks like Vanessa is still doing ok! The TV host had on a gorgeous and high pair of Louboutins that made her look fab with her skinny jeans and cute top.

If Jessica doesn’t have her baby soon Vanessa just might beat her to the delivery room too!

Photos by McMullen/FameFlynet Pictures




  1. Courtney says

    Don’t be stupid Jessica’s due date hasn’t come yet and first borns are usually late unless mom has gestational diabetes or pre eclampsia or a few other life threatenning complications which Jessica doesn’t though she has admitted to having Polyhydramnios but has probably had some of the excesss amniotic fluid removed via theriputic amniosantisis plus Jess’s daughter was predicted to be 10lbs at birth. Vanessa’s due date ain’t till late August or early September so she’s got about 4 monhts to go and isn’t actually a celebrity

  2. Z-list says

    Vanessa loves when she spots a camera! She looks silly wearing heels this high esp next to her short husband. Nick and Vanessa are getting more press for their baby then either has for their professional lives.