Jennifer Lopez Being Sued By Former Personal Driver

Oh boy. Jennifer Lopez has been served a lawsuit by her formal personal driver, Hakob Manoukian. He started driving for Jennifer and Marc Anthony in 2005. They liked him so much they convinced him to close his company and become Jennifer’s Head of Security and Transportation.

Things went well until 2o11. While Jennifer was shooting ‘What to Expect When You’re Expecting,’ Hakob was required to drive around Jennifer’s manager, Benny Medina. And that’s when the problems started. Hakob alleges Benny “disliked him from the start,” criticizing how he dressed, verbally abused him in public and criticized his ability to speak English.

Hakob claims Benny persuaded Jennifer to demote him to just her personal driver in Los Angeles, which forced Hakob to resign, and so now he’s suing Jennifer and Benny for unspecified damages.

Do you think Hakob’s lawsuit has any merit? Personally, I’m guessing this case will be settled out of court. Hopefully Hakob will get enough to open up a new business.