Brooke Burke-Charvet Talks Mammograms, Tummy Tucks And More In Prevention Magazine

Brooke Burke-Charvet is by far one of my favorite television personalities. She always looks gorgeous, acts both professional and courteous and is one of the most dedicated celebrity moms out there in Hollywood. The former model recently opened up to Prevention Magazine where she cleared up rumors about her having a tummy tuck, the first time she decided to get a mammogram and on turning 40. Here are some snippets from the interview:

On her publicly nixing tabloid rumors on her tummy tuck and the secret to her great core:

Posture has a lot to do with it – keeping  your core engaged, whether you’re sitting, driving, or working at your computer.  I’ve always done ab work, even when I was pregnant.

On if she’s had a mammogram yet and her experience with it:

Yes. As soon as I found out my friend Guiliana Rancic was diagnosed with breast cancer, I booked my mammogram.  I called her from the doctor’s office and said, “Thank you for provoking me to have this done.  When I was finished, I said to the nurse, ‘What’s the big deal? There’s so much negative talk about the mammogram.’ The biggest thing was scheduling my day to get there.  The actual appointment was a piece of cake.

On having melasma, a facial skin discoloration that often comes on during pregnancy:

…I’m like one in 1,000 cases where it didn’t go away after childbirth.  I went to the best doctors.  I did all the peels.  I’m hoping hormonally, I’ll roll out of it.  I use CellCeuticals SPF 55+ sunscreen, and I never lie out in the sun, which really stinks, because I’m a sun girl.

On other health concerns she has:

I have Hashimoto’s, which means my thyroid doesn’t function.  I take a synthetic thyroid pill.  I don’t even like to take an aspirin, but I have to take this every day.

On if she’s ever thought of having her breast enhancements redone:

I have.  When you’ve breast-fed four children, things kind of change.  So that’s probably the most likely thing on the radar.  I went through a phase where I wanted to have smaller breasts.  Sometimes it’s easier in dresses and gowns.

On any other procedures she’s had:

I’ve done little bits of Botox for a long time.  If I wasn’t on TV, I probably wouldn’t.  Fillers at a minimal level are okay, but it scares me because I don’t want to have that bloated look.  In our industry, people do too much too soon or just too much.  There’s nothing worse than that frozen “I’m 40 but I want to look 25” look.

On turning 40 last year:

Forty is better than 30. I have a better understanding of who I am, what makes me tick, what’s okay and not okay.  I’ve had such a great experience professionally in the last 3 or 4 years that it really opened my eyes to not procrastinating.

Photos via FameFlynet