Ke$ha Wants To Work With Justin Bieber

Now this would be an odd couple! ‘Tik Tok’ singer Ke$ha wants to work with teen pop superstar Justin Bieber.

“The range of artists I want to work with is so vast, it’s bizarre. I would love to have Keith Richards on the record. I would sure as hell like to do a collaboration with Bieber and at the same time do a song with the Flaming Lips. If someone is a real artist, you can’t confine them to a particular genre. It’s my mission to make it all make sense somehow.

“I do feel like there are the pop stars of the world and then I’m like their dirty little sister, running around with s**t on my face in combat boots because I can’t walk in heels.”

But Ke$ha does clean up well. She attributes a lot of her outlook comes from adversity she’s experienced: being raised by a single mom from a working class background, bullying in high school, etc.

“I try to include my fans in my message. I do feel like there is an element of what I’m doing that is about where I come from, which is working-class. I was never the cool kid, I was never hot in high school. I was never popular. You don’t have to be perfect and you don’t have to be rich and you can still be successful.”

So true! Although Ke$ha and Justin just seem so… different. I can’t see them collaborating. Can you?

Photos by CWNY/TARGET/FAME & CWNY/FameFlynet