LeAnn Rimes And Eddie Cibrian Renew Their Vows

Former chart topper LeAnn Rimes tweeted a very special picture of her and her hubby Eddie Cibrian renewing their vows during their one year wedding anniversary on her Twitter account on Wednesday afternoon. LeAnn looks to be laughing at a joke that Eddie might have made while he looks on at his bride with love and admiration.

Actually, scratch that. LeAnn always looks like she’s laughing whenever the cameras are around.

I don’t know what to think here, but it seems like more and more celebrity couples are renewing their vows every year as a way to celebrate their wedding anniversaries. Heidi Klum and Seal did that for seven years until they split up earlier this year. Do you think it’s a true sign of happiness or a Hollywood curse for celeb couples? Considering how LeAnn and Eddie met, maybe these two should be keeping a lower profile as a couple, since they broke up their marriages and families a few years ago to be together. What do you think?

Photo via Twitter.com




  1. sam says

    Of course Leann is “laughing” when the cameras are around, remember her hubby is cheating on her and for some odd reason she seems to think that hee hawing like crazied donkey will convince everyone that her marriage to Eddie is sunshine and rainbows. In Leann and Eddie’s case renewing their vows is nothing more than a publicity stunt. Eddie cheered Leann on and took photos as she made out with his mistress, so we know that marriage isn’t sacred to them. How come not one media outlet is calling Leann out for walking barefoor in a church? What type of person disrespects a church like that?

    Thanks for calling Leann and Eddie out on their famewhoring!! Fox News wrote an article about how Leann sets up staged photo-ops with the paps. Leann and Eddie are causing problems for Brandi again, so they really do need to lay low. I’m sure that many people are not pleased by the fact that Leann and Eddie are trying to dictate to Brandi what she can and can not do with her kids, despite the fact that they exploit those boys every chance they get.

  2. Anonymous says

    half of hollywood is guilty of what they’ve done. I don’t get why people are always acting like they’re the only ones.
    As far as the marriage vow renewals, I think most of them do it for attention and publicity.