Quote Of The Day: Kathy Griffin On Jessica Simpson’s Baby’s Name

Comedienne Kathy Griffin is not known for holding back on her opinion or the opportunity to make a joke. So when she was asked about Jessica Simpson giving birth to her daughter and the baby’s name, Maxwell Drew, you know she went for it.

“I’m all for it. I get nervous about the inappropriate celebrity baby names, but, I actually approve.”

But if Jessica calls her daughter Maxi for short? Maybe not such a great idea…

“The nickname Maxi does remind me of a feminine napkin or a long dress that was popular in Gloria Steinem’s era, but Max I can live with. Believe me, she would’ve heard from me if it was a fruit or a vegetable or a kind of wallpaper or whatever these crazy celebrities are doing.”

I actually really like the name Maxwell, and think Maxi or Max would work, but kids (and comics) will always find something to make fun of- LOL.

Photos by Parisa/Miguel/Goodwin/FameFlynet