Eddie Cibrian Blocks Brandi Glanville’s Chances Of Becoming A “Real Housewife”

It looks like Brandi Glanville won’t be getting the promotion she was hoping for on Bravo’s “The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills,” thanks to her ex-husband, Eddie Cibrian. Brandi was offered the opportunity to be promoted from part-time to full-time housewife, but her ex Eddie blocked her from doing so, stating that he doesn’t want their kids to be on the show.

Under her new contract agreement, the producers of the show wanted to add in more storylines of Brandi and her two boys, Mason and Jake, to the show. Brandi thought it wouldn’t be a problem since the boys were featured on an episode of the show before, but Eddie put his foot down and wouldn’t agree to having them be taped again.

Tell us, what do you think? While I think it’s a good idea to keep all children off of reality television shows (why embarrass them?), isn’t Eddie being a little hypocritical here? Not long ago his wife LeAnn Rimes called the paparazzi and had them show up at one of little Mason’s soccer games – and coincidentally both LeAnn, Eddie, Mason and the paparazzi all showed up at the wrong time to the game (yeah, talk about getting caught!). Do you think he really doesn’t want his kids in front of the cameras… or is he just being revengeful towards Brandi?

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  1. sam says

    Wow. Thanks for calling Eddie and Leann out on their hypocrisy in regards to the kids being publicly exposed to the paps/tabloids/press, media outlets rarely call them out on this double standard and often times opt to write a glowing fluffpiece. So great job!

    Eddie is being revengeful towards Brandi. It’s probably a mixture of jealousy and the fact that he still has feelings for Brandi. He is on his 2nd honeymoon and just renewed his vows, and yet all he can seem to think about is Brandi? Brandi has more twitter followers than he does. Her appearance on RHOBH went on to be a success, while his show was canceled after only 3 episodes because of low ratings.

    Remember those photos of Eddie taking pictures of Leann while she kissed and messed around with her friend, Liz, on a balcony while Eddie’s kids were on vacation with them? So Eddie can’t even use the excuse that he is worried about the negative impact the show will have on the kids because the time to be concerned about negative influences would have been that moment.

  2. sam says

    Not only does Eddie allow Leann to expose the kids to the paps, but he allows her to tweet and blog about them to complete strangers/Websites/people who harass Brandi and post photos of the boys to her twitter and blog page(which she uses for work purposes), knowing full well that each and everytime she does this, it results in their faces and names being plastered all over the internet, blog, or tabloid.

  3. Kaylee says

    tut tut brandi, the only person able to pimp out those kids is Eddie, didnt you know that?? *rolls eyes* i feel quite sorry for thos kids, used as posable toys in their parents and step parents bid for attention. Theyre going to be so messed up. Poor things, theyre only little they didnt ask for this crap

  4. sam says

    Leann is STILL tweeting about Eddie and Brandi’s kids. So expect more “happy family” staged photo-ops of Leann and Eddie and the boys at his son’s soccer game. Now why does Leann continue to tweet about the boys when she knows for a fact that it ends in their faces and names being plastered all over the internet? What type of father is Eddie to restrict Brandi from allowing the kids on her show when he is constantly allowing Leann to exploit his kids via her tweets and staged photo-ops?

  5. sam says

    Leann must be very miserable in her marriage to Eddie because why else would she continue to have her fans, staffmembers, and E News staff(ie-Guilanna Rancis) continue to trash talk Brandi? Did you hear about what happened on Friday? Giulianna Rancic, at Leann’s request of course, used The Fashion Police as a platform to justify Leann’s affair with Eddie. With all that Guilanna went through with the cancer and trying to have a baby, you have to wonder why Gulianna would stoop so low as to judge another woman in that manner. It’s sad. Guilanna wasn’t doing her job, she was speaking on Leann’s behalf. Leann is set on ruining Brandi and she is going to use any means necessary. Brandi’s kids. ROL. Fashion Police. Gulianna Rancic.

    Guliana had to know that making that comment about Brandi would be traced right back to her friendship with Leann, since her meeting with Leann was well publicized by Leann’s mouthpieces and Leann’s tweets. How insensitive and cruel.

    What type of man is Eddie to allow his wife and her friends(ie-Guilanna Rancic) to continue to go after his ex-wife? One who is set on revenge because Eddie still has feelings for Brandi.