Hot Video: ‘Red Table Talks’ With Jada Pinkett-Smith & Willow Smith

We’ve been seeing Jada Pinkett-Smith hang out with her daughter, Willow Smith, a couple of times recently. Now see Jada and Willow chatting with Jada’s mother (and Willow’s grandmother) in a three-generation conversation. It’s a short film called ‘Red Table Talks’ and is described as:

“an intimate and honest conversation about Love, Life, Fame, & Family. Share the experience this Mother’s Day 5/13/2012.”

It will debut online, and Jada is thinking about making it into a series. “I think if you hear our stories, you really ain’t gonna be too scared to tell anybody anything,” [Jada]  says, laughing.

This does look interesting! Do you think you’ll check it out?