True Or False: Does Angelina Jolie Hate Her Engagement Ring?

According to In Touch Weekly, Angelina Jolie is not liking her new bling from fiancé Brad Pitt. The mag reports that Angie isn’t crazy about the $500,000 sparkler that Brad specifically designed himself just because she prefers emeralds to white diamonds.

Here’s what the mag writes:

“Nothing against Brad’s design. She’s just never been enamored of white diamonds.” Indeed, the friend says picky Angelina, 36, had been hoping for a less traditional stone. “Emeralds are her favorite.”

And she’s been complaining that Brad’s choice of the 10-carat diamond, rather than an emerald, “shows how little he knows her.” Of course, her hissy fit over the ring shows a lot about her, as well. “She’s so demanding,” an insider says. “She’s acting like a bridezilla.”

What do you think? Is this story true or false?




  1. Kaylee says

    Oh false, anything for a news story. But if I were her, I’d hate it. Its seriously ugly ugly ugly. its tacky and trashy. looks like fake costume jewellery. It took him a YEAR to design that piece of crap??

  2. Beth says

    It has been reported the ring resembles Camilla Parker Bowles’ engagement ring given her by Prince Charles and it is entirely true. This story however is entirely false.