Linda Evangelista Heads To Family Court

Salma Hayek’s husband is about to get one whopping child support bill delivered to his doorstep. Former supermodel and current super-angry Linda Evangelista was spotted on her way to a family court in New York City where she is asking that her ex-boyfriend Francois-Henri Pinault fork over $50,000 for child support for their son, Augustin.

Linda looked like she was ready to play hardball as photographers snapped her while she was making her way to go inside the court. Maybe it’s just me, but I couldn’t imagine having to spend $50,000 a month on a 6-year-old, no matter how many trips you make to the FAO Schwartz store, right?

Photos via FameFlynet




  1. says

    I think $50,000 for any child is insane. Isn’t the 6 year old in school? How could he possibly need a round the clock nanny then? Perhaps she needs to understand like the rest of us that when you lose your job you have to cut back.

  2. Mariska says

    I say get it if you can. This man is a pig and wanted her to abort the kid because he was too cheap to pay any child support even though he’s a multi-billionaire and already spends the same amount on his other child. Now he’s saying that he’s going to “recognize” the child as his own; how gracious of him. Maybe he should have “recognized” that babies are the result of unprotected sex and you can’t pick and choose what children you want and which ones you don’t.

  3. Melissa says

    Here’s the deal. Even though Linda and Francois aren’t together, the kid deserves the same style of living while with her. If $50k is what the kid would live on while with Dad, then that’s what he should live like while not with Dad. If Linda was a homeless woman, would the kid live homeless when he went to visit his billionaire father? I say she should fight for it. And it’s not gold digging, that boy is his SON and deserves to be treated just like the kid who he has with Salma that lives with him!

  4. Anonymous says

    the guy is a BILLIONAIRE, people. I think the money in general is crazy, but why should the kid be living so far below the standard of his father? At $50,000 a month, he won’t be living the same standard, but he will certainly be living closer to the standard if he was living with him. Fair’s fair.

  5. Angee says

    Of COURSE it’s too much money – for most people. She’s not most people and he’s not most kids. If you break down what a kid in that world is used to “needing” then it’s not unreasonable.

  6. lali says

    what is the different between the two kids only a piece of paper showing salma is married to him but what ever he has is going to salma’s kid just because she’s married to him, the other kid is his kid too just because he’s not married to the mother doen’t mean he should not be spending his some of his money on the poor kid, he’s a billionaire and that is not a big money for a billionaire the other kid deserve the same as salma’s kid and the court should definately agree with it that is not much she’s asking . why the father becomes so greedy when it comes to this kid not fair at all.