Rachel Zoe & Skyler Do Lunch

Rachel Zoe took Skyler along when she went out to lunch yesterday afternoon. LOVE Skyler’s matching cap and scarf, and Rachel looks as chic as ever. Rachel’s dressing Skyler exactly as I expected: she knows how to do baby chic without looking too “cutesy” or over-the-top.

I’m sure Rachel has her hands full with Skyler and her business, but I would love to see her dress a little girl!

Photos by CWNY/FameFlynet




  1. Anonymous says

    CHIC? I don’t think you know the definition of this word. This woman is not chic: she has no sense of style

  2. Stacy says

    You don’t wrap a scarf around a babies neck for shit’s sake! I feel bad for him, kids are going to be so mean to him in a few years :(((

  3. YAYI says

    I love Rachel, but she seriously needs to wear that black sweater dress/shirt with black leggins or skinny’s and those black thigh high boots. Is like, she lives in those boots and shirt/dress.