Eddie Cibrian, LeAnn Rimes, And Brandi Glanville Attend Son Jake’s Soccer Game

Talk about awkward. Ex-couple Brandi Glanville and Eddie Cibrian were forced to sit only a few feet away from each other during their son Jake’s soccer game over the weekend with Eddie’s new wife LeAnn Rimes there by his side too.

Just last week Eddie tried to block Brandi’s chances from becoming a full-time cast member on the Real Housewives of Beverly Hills because he didn’t want to see their two kids, Mason and Jake, on television. Luckily for Brandi though, Bravo hired her anyway as she’ll be getting much more screen time on the show during the next season.

I can’t help but wonder what Eddie must be thinking with all the paparazzi showing up each time his kids have a soccer game considering the fact that he doesn’t want his kids in the Hollywood spotlight. What do you think?

Photos via FameFlynet




  1. sam says

    You do realize that Leann invited the paps to the kid’s soccer game? GSI also took these photos of them at the game, just like they also took photos of the youngest boy with Leann on Friday. Yeap, this is the same GSI who managed to get all those “candid” shots of Leann and Eddie in Cabo last week. So this is STAGED.

    Obviously Eddie doesn’t care that Leann tips off the paps, the only thing on his mind seems to be how he can use his kids as weapons against Brandi. You would think that after making a huge fuss over the kids being featured on Brandi’s show that Eddie would have restricted Leann from tipping off the paps, tweeting about the boys, or posting photos of them on her twitter account.

    This just demonstates what a low life jerk Eddie truly is. Now why would Rizzoli and Isles want their viewers to support someone like him? They seriously want their viewers to support a man who cares so little about his kids or his new wife, that he uses them to get back at his ex-wife?

    Why is Eddie wearing a cross when he isn’t even willing to put what it stands for to use? Why is Leann clinging to him for dear life? If this was truly about the boys why did Leann have her hand in Eddie’s lap, shouldn’t she have done that in the privacy of their home or bedroom and not on a soccer field full of children?

  2. sam says

    Leann just keeps hitting new lows. It’s bad enough that she sits on twitter all day tweeting about Brandi and Eddie’s kids, but now Leann is paying sites like Radaronline and Celebuzz to write negative stories about Brandi prior to releasing her staged photo-ops with Brandi’s kids. Leann thinks that a negative story about Brandi will make it okay for her to pimp out those boys? Leann is very dangerous and what is even more digusting is how she uses media outlets such as Radaronline and Celebuzz to wage a war against Brandi.

    It’s time for the media to call Leann out, she is getting out of control. It’s like she is trying to take Brandi out or remove Brandi from the picture by defaming her name by any means necessary. Seriously, it’s not a coincidence that Radaronline’s negative story comes a day after Leann tweeted about Mother’s Day all day long and on the day that Leann has planned a Mother’s Day event with her, Eddie, the boys, and Eddie’s parents. This is sick.