Naomi Watts’ Single Condition For Having Another Baby

Naomi Watts has two boys, Alexander (4) and Samuel (3), with actor Liev Schreiber. She’d be up for having a third baby, but there is one caveat.

“I always knew I’d be the mother of two boys. I’m 43 now and I don’t know if having any more would work. There are still fights and struggles all the time but I feel that I am coming in to the light. If I knew that I could get pregnant and I knew that I was going to have a girl, I would definitely go for it.”

Although from how Naomi describes her boys, it sounds like she has her hands full.

“It took a while. We were both surprised they came so close together. But I’m glad now. They both have big personalities, they demand a lot and fight with each other, so it’s actually quite tough.”

If Naomi wants to be guaranteed of a girl, then adoption sounds like her best bet!

Photos by CWNY/FameFlynet