Rihanna Angers ‘SNL’ With Dress Rehearsal Cancellation

Rihanna’s ‘SNL’ performance may have gone off without a hitch, but things were pretty tense backstage, it sounds like. TMZ reports:

According to our sources, RiRi called in sick for the dress rehearsal, which is done live in front of a studio audience right before the actual show. We’re told Michaels takes dress rehearsals very seriously and was quite upset when Rihanna bailed at the last minute…

When Rihanna showed up later looking just fine, we’re told the staff was shocked … and felt she didn’t appear sick enough to have missed the dress rehearsal … though no one from the show called her on it.

Someone from Rihanna’s camp says the singer was in the building but felt too ill to actually perform for the dress rehearsal. She reportedly had a doctor come and give her an injection of penicillin. A rep told TMZ:

“Rihanna was sick and needed to save her voice for the live show.”

Hmmm… I didn’t know a penicillin injection worked that fast! I guess it’s better than Rihanna skipped out on the rehearsal over the live show, though, right?

Photos by AAR/FameFlynet