Olivia Munn Covers Ocean Drive Magazine

We haven’t heard much about Olivia Munn lately, but she’s still looking great! I love these shots for Ocean Drive Magazine, especially the one of her in the hat (check out the thumbnails). Here are some excerpts from her interview:

On her first experience being in Miami filming her upcoming film Magic Mike, also starring Channing Tatum and her character in the film Joanna: “I thought it might be too overwhelming, all that color, exposed skin, and a party atmosphere you get from TV. But I instantly loved it. It was much more suburban, a neighborhood feel within a big-city energy, with that friendly mentality. You can party, but if you want to chill, all you have to do is go down the block.”

On her character in ‘Magic Mike,’ Joanna, and compares herself saying: “Like her, I don’t’ like to be forced into anything, particularly a forced intimacy. As Joanna says, ‘Sometimes you’re the girl and I’m the guy,’ I love that she pushes against the stereotype, that she refuses to stay within the box that people, especially other women, want to put her in. Joanna doesn’t shy away from all the parts of herself, including her sexuality. And neither do I.”

Olivia reveals some harsh words from her stepfather growing up and how she dealt with their abusive household growing up: “He would always say, ‘You’re not smart enough, not pretty enough, you have no talent,’ and it would knock me down, but it wouldn’t keep me down. My mom was blunt. ‘Don’t get pregnant,’ ‘Don’t do drugs.’ But she also said just as often, ‘Always make a name for yourself, don’t just become someone’s wife.’ That’s how she influenced me. I work really hard to come up on my own merits. When my stepfather would be screaming his head off in the living room, I would hustle everybody into my room and launch into imitations of teachers or do scenes from movies. And that would take their minds off of the hell that was happening down the hall.”

On how she went against her Asian heritage and chose to be in the business: “With Asians, life is all about college, doctor, lawyer, scientist, but certainly not acting. I’m glad now that my mom insisted I stay in Oklahoma. There is a sweetness and a pride there. People are really kind. But it was difficult. I found it very hard to find my place. That’s been true all my life. When you travel around so much, you have to keep reinventing yourself. And that toughens you up, gives you more tools to cope in life.”

Olivia reacts to the image of women in Hollywood and who she thinks they should portray themselves:
A feminist blogger attacked The Daily Show for hiring Munn as one of the first on-air female anchors who had just done the cover of Playboy, Munn recalls the attack saying; “That was just malicious,” I’m not posing (for covers) for some man. I’m poking fun at the idea that a woman would embrace her sexuality in order to be liked. I trust the audience is smart enough to get that. So my only question to these bloggers is, ‘Don’t you want your daughters to grow up strong, smart, beautiful and confident about their sexuality?’ Are you saying that you can only be funny and smart if you’re ugly? If the embrace of my sexuality makes you mad, it’s your problem, not mine. I think people downplay just how important it is to be entertaining. Especially in this day and age. We need to laugh, we need an escape from what is going on. It’s always been a life saver for me.”

You can read Olivia’s entire interview in the May/June Ocean Drive issue!

Photos by Ocean Drive Magazine