Andy Cohen Wants A Boyfriend

If there’s one thing that will make Andy Cohen‘s life complete right now, it would be a boyfriend. The Watch What Happens Live host says he’s taking applications as he’s still looking for mister right out there.

Here’s what Andy tells Parade Magazine:

“I would like a boyfriend. I’m a very happy person and it is the final, final piece of the puzzle.”

His mom, Evelyn, 75, worries though that he’s too busy to meet Mr. Right. “Is life passing him by because he’s working so hard?” she asked during their joint interview. Andy responded by saying, “Maybe I just haven’t met the right person.” 

Tell us, who do you think out there would be a good match for Andy in the celebrity world?




  1. Gom says

    I’m sure Andy will end with a guy half his age like his ex Sam Champion (GMA weather guy) did after they spilt up.

  2. cody edwards says

    how about a non-celebrity? a little balance and stability is good for anyone. i wouldn’t mind giving him a chance.