Is Lindsay Lohan Going To Courtney Love’s House To Chant?

Courtney Love continues to reach out to Lindsay Lohan. She says she’s having a women’s group over to her house to chant, and Lindsay is on the guest list.

“Lindsay is coming to my house to chant. But, I don’t speak to her very much. We have a mutual friend. There’s like seven women coming to chant on Friday. [It’s] a women’s group. She’s coming to chant, which is good for her.”

Courtney apparently has found chanting helpful for herself.

“I chant. You can tell when I’m not doing it, I get in trouble and then [when] I am doing it, I don’t get in trouble. It’s really, really good for me. So, that’s my religion.”

Something tells me Courtney and the other women shouldn’t wait on Lindsay if she isn’t there on Friday.

Photos by GG/Diane Cohen/FameFlynet