Kim Kardashian Arrives At LAX

Kim Kardashian was spotted arriving at LAX. Maybe she went somewhere to visit boyfriend Kanye West? Ah, the life of a jet-setter…

Looking at Kim’s outfit, it would be nice except it just looks a smidgen too tight. That skirt looks like it’s hard to walk in! I’d be a fan if the fit were just a touch looser. What do you think?

Photos by BJJ/Stoianov/FameFlynet


  1. Crystal says

    Maybe she went somewhere to visit boyfriend Kanye West?
    What the heck? What kind of information does I’m Not Obsessed look into before it posts?
    Obviously none.
    She went to Toronto to launch her jewellery line. Kanye West flew out there to support her..
    This can be found on all other celebrity gossip sites..

    First ‘avril lavigne shopping with a myster man’ who is also a celebrity, chad krueger from Nickelback, and now this Kim story.
    Geez. I think I’m going to stop visiting I’m Not Obsessed…
    They just like posting pictures with minimal information…

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