SNL Pokes Fun At Time Magazine’s Cover For Attachment Parenting (Video)

Did you catch ‘Saturday Night Live’ over the weekend? If you’re like me, that’s past your bedtime, but I thought this video was funny. Seth Meyers talked about the Time Magazine cover that had a mother breastfeeding her three-year-old son to promote “attachment parenting” (you can see it here).

Breastfeeding always gets people talking, and this magazine cover is no exception. Seth’s take on it seemed to ultimately be “Don’t breastfeed your kid on the cover of a magazine” without delving into the attachment parenting strategy. As is usually the case with Seth, whether I agree with him or not, I think he’s pretty funny. What do you think?




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    As a child psychologist and a mom, one of the things that is so misleading about attachment parenting is the name. It is only called attachment parenting because of the theory it was based upon. It is not called this because it is the only form of parenting which allows parents to develop a secure attachment relationship with their children. There are numerous ways to develop a secure attachment relationship with our kids. I explore more of this myth here for anyone who is interested: